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Common questions about installing a Saints Leisure jukebox in your pub or club.

Some landlords wonder how a top of the range digital jukebox can be free to hire and still earn them money? Well, there is no catch, it really is as straightforward as we try to answer below.

But the best way to learn about the benefits of a jukebox is to let us demonstrate one at your pub or club. You'll see all of the fantastic features, how a digital jukebox does more than just play music and any doubts about adding one to your venue will be answered. No question.

A Nothing at all. We don't charge a fee for any part of installing a jukebox, its speakers or any other associated equipment.

A That wholly depends on your customers and how busy your venue is. But probably even more important is how one of our great jukeboxes can attract extra customers, or keep them in house longer, for greater overall profit.

A Our jukeboxes are all offered on a profit sharing basis. We supply the jukebox and once a weekly music fee required for the PPL license and music subscription is taken direct from the cashbox, we take 50% of the profit and the other 50% is yours.

A The box only remains as long as you want it. There is no contract agreement in place at any time so if you are not totally happy with your jukebox, give us a call and it will be removed free of charge. Also if your box does under perform on a regular basis, Saints Leisure reserves the right to remove it.

A Simple answer yes. In some instances, due to the popularity of the boxes, we may only have certain jukeboxes in stock but if you specifically require a particular model we shall endeavour to supply you this.

A There are two licences required to play music in a public venue. One is a PPL license for which a typical pub playing jukebox background music costs around £155 a year and is paid direct from the cashbox. The other is a PRS license for which an average sized pub pays a standard annual royalty fee of £225 for an audio jukebox. There are variations of these fees but we will advise you upon them and we will help you obtain these licences.

A Mostly the difference is the number of tracks that can be stored on the jukebox. All the great features such as 'Time Machine' which allows customers to search tracks by date and the staff programmable options like the 'What's On Guide' and 'Happy Hour' are included on every box as standard.

A Your box is automatically updated every week with Official Charts Music. And not just the latest Top 40 hits but with the newest, most popular releases from the album charts too.

A Of course. Even the biggest boxes can't hold every popular song. If customers ask for favourites that aren't on the jukebox, tell us what those tracks are and they can be added in the next update.

A Absolutely. We supply you with a clever volume controller situated behind the bar where you can control the volume level in up to 4 rooms/zones

A Available free from the appstore is the TouchTunes app for the Playdium and the Soundjack app for the Venuehub and Official Charts Jukebox. They both share the same features though such as music selection, playlist creation or import, showing queued songs and bonus rewards. Customers pay for credits via Paypal, Apple Pay or credit card and since the jukebox knows how much has been spent via an app, you still receive half of that profit.

A You can. Just ask us to wire your TV into the jukebox so the sound comes via the boxes high quality speakers. A great feature when you're showing a big sporting event.

A Yes. We do supply outdoor speakers, although for safety reasons they ideally need to be undercover. We would ask you to request this before the installation.

A The dimensions of the Official Charts and Music Milstones jukeboxes are 77cm high, 60cm wide, 20cm deep and they weigh 35kg. The 'VenueHub' is 61cm x 49cm x 16cm and weighs 35kg. The 'Playdium' is 77cm x 60cm x 24cm and is 38kg. But no matter what box is fitted, it will be positioned appropriately and securely.

A The big benefit of an online digital jukebox is that most issues can be fixed remotely. But if an on site repair is needed, a qualified technician will normally be sent the same day, or the following day at the latest.

A Yes - As much as possible. To every jukebox we affix a special copper anti-microbiotic clear vinyl layer registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. - In cross contamination tests this has been proven to kill more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including human coronavirus.

A Yes - Now people don't carry much loose change and pay using their phone, your customers can do the same with the Anglina and Playdium jukeboxes. Simply download the convenient TouchTunes app and they can play their songs, and pay, from their own table if they choose.

Pub Landlords Say...

I had DJ's every weekend so I was unsure if a jukebox would just be an extra expense. Another landlord told me about Saints Leisure and said installing a box wouldn't cost anything, so I did it. The range of music on the box means I don't need the DJ anymore, I save a fortune, I make money on the box and customers love it.
Steve Hewitt - Staffs Bar, London