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Pub Jukeboxes

Hire a great digital jukebox for your pub or club - Tons of features, and potential, all for FREE!

Jukeboxes are an iconic symbol of American culture, providing an enjoyable musical experience for generations. These days, jukeboxes have become more technologically advanced, offering a vast array of tracks and albums for music lovers. The latest jukeboxes, such as the ones offered by Saints Leisures, feature the very latest tracks from the “Official Charts Company” and album downloads every week. With the capacity to hold up to 30000 to 7 million tracks, these jukeboxes offer an extensive selection of music genres, from rock and pop to classical and jazz. The crisp, clear sound quality and interactive touchscreens make for an unparalleled musical experience that is sure to impress. Overall, jukeboxes are a fantastic way to enjoy music and bring people together through their shared love of music.

Explore Some of our Jukeboxes

Spotify and iPhone Music Compatibility


Import your Spotify and iPhone music, earn badges and more. Easy to use and always ready (no waiting for someone else to choose their songs), the TouchTunes mobile app offers more opportunity to find and play the music you want to hear on the Angelina touch screen jukebox.

Jukebox Features

Mobile Apps


With a Touchtunes or Soundjack mobile app, depending on your box, tracks can be selected from anywhere in the pub. And from the app, customers get rewarded with bonus credits and other perks!

Photo Booth


Customers can choose multiple effects and formats and the wide-angle lens creates fantastic group shots. Another reason for customers to vist your venue.

Background Music


Each box includes playlists that can play between customer choices and zone selection allows you to easily control the volume in different areas of your venue. Plus all the music is officially licensed!

The Benefits to you as a Landlord


To make the decision easier to trial one of our boxes we ask for no upfront payment or to sign any contract. It really has never been easier to have a jukebox installed at your venue!


Benefit from extra income generated by the jukebox by choosing a deal to suit you. With our profit share deals you will never pay a penny to us.


Having a digital jukebox will generate extra income for your venue. All boxes come with a background music system keeping the atmosphere during down times.


As well as taking coins you can also use our boxes via the Touchtunes app and via contactless. With society becoming increasingly cashless this makes it quick and easy for your customers to use the jukebox - and they don’t have to leave they’re seat!

See how the Angelina can shine a light on your venue



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