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Cookie Policy

Don't worry, we're not a Cookie Monster

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer's hard drive by a web browser when you visit a website. They can provide information gathered from one web page to be stored if it may be needed on another. This allows a website to provide you with a smooth personalised experience while you browse the site and during subsequent visits. Other types of cookies are analytically based and anonymously provide data to website owners about how a website is used.

Controlling cookie use

Most browser software allows you to turn off cookies but be advised many common website functions rely upon them be activated in the browser to work. If you do want to turn off cookies please refer to your browser’s help or privacy settings. You can also visit to find out more.

Cookies on

The cookies used on this website pose no harm or risk to you or your devices. They track website performance on an anonymous statistical basis only by using cookies from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. No personal data is collected whatsoever. Instead they inform of events such as when a visit was made, what pages were viewed or if someone visited via a search engine or directly.

By alerting you to the cookies on our website, if you continue browsing our pages, it is inferred that you are providing consent to their use.

Social media links

We also have links to social media sites Facebook and Twitter. They only help you visit our pages on those well-known platforms if you choose to click those links and no personal data is collected from those sites.